Spiritual Warfare

From the Kingdom of God in the third heaven we rule with Christ. He is the head in the realm of the Spirit, and the believers are the body here in the natural realm. We rule from a place of victory already, to bring that victory from the spiritual realm into the natural.

Reigning from the third heaven is essential for us as believers. We then battle from a dominant place rather than from a place under Satan’s feet. Every place that we put our feet is given unto us. We, from this realm, can see much that goes on in the natural and also see, by the discerning of spirits given to us by God, the realm of the domain of darkness. We will therefore know of the power of God at work in us, showing to the principalities and rulers in the heavenly realm the manifest wisdom of God; Eph 3.10.

We then, like Jesus, have the authority to rule over the natural, as Peter did in walking on the water.

From Discerning the Mixture. David Tidy.

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