Thoughts on Holiness - the very character of God

"He chose us in Christ...to be holy and blameless before him" Ephesians 1.4

Anyone who wants to live a Christian life, and be really holy, must note the history of Moses and get wisdom. ‘ From ‘Holiness’. JC Ryle

(Moses chose God before the world. In faith he believed God’s promises and acted upon them).

‘Self is one of the toughest plants that grows in the garden of life. It is, in fact, indestructible by any human means. Just when we are sure it is dead it turns up somewhere as robust as ever to trouble our peace and poison the fruit of our lives.’

from ‘Man the Dwelling Place of God’. A W Tozer.

The Power of Holiness
Reality - Being Real
Pressing On
Love Flow
Sweet Words
A Life of Love
Walking in the Light
Understanding the Ways of God
Our Will Brings Us Blessing
Keeping a good Conscience