Fresh Bread

Why do we have need of “Fresh Bread”?
Because we require spiritual nourishment on a regular basis.
These articles will help build up the body and give strength for the days ahead.
In these teaching notes we will endeavour to bring the word and the Spirit together to encourage the character of holiness to shine forth out of our Lord's church of today.
Many folks would say that they live from the word and that that is sufficient for the life of a Christian, we also have need to be led by the Spirit of God.
In these articles we plan to give you both.
May the Lord bring further revelation to you and lead you forward and further into more of Him.


The Defender of the Truth
Monetary Madness
He Rose Again
Testing Prophecy
Carrying the Promise
Keeping a Healthy Mind
• Anointing of the Spirit (audio recording available)
• The Power of the Kingdom of God (audio recording available)