Charles Finney was a Freemason before his conversion to Christianity. He was therefore in a prime position to disclose the relationship of the Church to Freemasonry. In ‘The Character, Claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry’ originally published 1869 he encouraged the Church to not only reject Freemasonry, but to take responsibility to speak against it.
‘Freemasonry is now revealed. It is no longer a secret to any who wish to be informed’
‘It is high time the Church of Christ was awake to the character and tendency of Freemasonry’
‘Now, since these revelations are made, and both the church and the world are aware of what Masonry really is, God demands, and the world has a right to expect, that the Church will take due action and bear a truthful testimony in respect to this institution. She can not now innocently hold her peace’
‘Every local branch of the Church of Christ is bound to examine this subject, and pronounce upon this institution, according to the best light they can get. God does not allow individuals, or churches, to withhold action, and the expression of their opinion, until other churches are as enlightened as themselves. We are bound to act up to our own light, and to go as far in advance of others as we have better means of information than they’
‘Those individuals and churches, who have had the best means of information, owe it to other branches of the church, and to the whole world, to take action and to pronounce upon the unchristian character of Freemasonry, as the most influential means within their reach of arousing the whole church and the world to an examination of the character and claims of Freemasonry. If churches who are known to have examined the subject withhold their testimony; if they continue to receive persistent and intelligent Freemasons, if they leave the public to infer that they see nothing in Freemasonry inconsistent with a creditable profession of the Christian religion, it will justly be inferred by other branches of the church, and by the world, that there is nothing in it so bad, so dangerous and unchristian as to call for their examination, action, or testimony. Before the publishing of Morgan’s book, the Baptist denomination, especially, in that part of the country, had been greatly carried away by Freemasonry. A large proportion of its eldership and membership were Freemasons. A considerable number of ministers and members of other branches of the Christian Church had also fallen into the snare.’

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