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Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Power of His Holiness

We are forever learning about our Lord and our faith and trust in Him.
Hebrews 8:1-2 speaks of a true tabernacle, a tent of meeting, a sacred tent made by the Lord.
A temple of the Holy Spirit for us to enter into, to manifest the Kingdom of our God.
In Numbers chapter 4 the bible mentions twelve different times the words “the service in the tent of meeting”.
The duties of the different families of the Levites all had a part to play, a service to fulfil.
The root of this word for service is tsava, a military term. (Maybe similar to our national service during the 2nd world war)
The service was of spiritual warfare, protecting the Holiness of the Lord our God.
It was to keep “unclean things” from touching anything of God.

Our God will fight to keep us His people Holy as He is.
We should respond to His will and His way and submit to His Holiness and resist everything that is evil. Eph (6:11)

Often the fruit of our life lived is dependent on where we are rooted.
Romans 11:16 For if the first fruit be holy, the lump is also holy: and if the root be holy, so are the branches.
You shall be Holy as I am Holy says our Lord and saviour.
Not you shall be with a threat but Father says “This is for you my child”.
Mature reasoning brings revelation, He and His Holiness is for me.
Holiness is more than a feeling, it is an experience of a life to live, it is His character, God alive and active in us.

We will never know the Holiness of God manifest if we have not died to self, because Holiness
can only be lived in the new life,  not the old.
If we have received the Holy Spirit then we grow in Him, become like Him, His character rubs off onto us. It maybe true that you feel you cannot live a Holy life, but you can let Him make you Holy, if you are willing.
Living through the new life of the Holy Spirit transforms us from the old way of life, to living a new way of life, a Holy and fulfilling life. Out of and into something more.
The old has passed away, I am a new person, I am not what I was. (2 Cor 5:17)
Holiness is progressive, it will be moving deeper into our spiritual life.

God's purpose on earth is to show how Holy He is, first to His people, then to the world.
His ongoing desire is that all people be free from everything that is unholy.
Un-holiness brings death and pain and rejection etc. and can open the door to anything that is not Holy from being part of our lives.
Eph 1:4  He has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him.

The only test spiritually is by their fruit you shall know them. Isn’t it the fruit of Holiness He loves?
When Holiness manifests in a person it changes their character within them, they have more love joy peace etc. Feeling like He does has to be feeling free, loving and caring.
His Holiness is something that can only be worked out when we are aware that it is in there.
Practical Holiness is the only Holiness of any value in this world.
It has to do something. Manifest God in the natural realm, God has to be seen.

Everything that is unclean will seek to attack this Holiness within us.
That is why the word tsava is placed in dealing with things that are Holy, there is a spiritual battle in these end times for the church, to keep His tent of meeting Holy, which is His tabernacle.
Jesus knew that we could not be Holy without His help, He came to make us so.
Personal Holiness is not the ground of acceptance by the Lord of us.
Acceptance is on the grounds of what He has done, (His death on the cross), and our willingness to receive it.
There is required a hunger and thirst after this character of God.
It is His character flowing out of you and me that makes any gathering of His people, saints and not sinners.
Sins power was broken on the cross by Jesus’ death, now we have to apply that sin’s power is kept in check by the Holiness of God.
Sin runs from His Holiness because it is always exposed and dealt with.
The power to live above sins temptations is to be in tune with the Holiness of God within.
People will laugh at you if you live a Holy life, sinners can only mock, from a distance.

It is like He has shipped something so precious into us.
We cannot make ourselves Holy by anything that is natural.
But if we allow His Holiness to have His way with us, then His power will be seen in all the earth. In everything we do. There is a whole new life to live in Christ.
The calling of all watchmen and spiritual warriors is to serve the Lord by protecting this Holiness in these end days.

The Holy Spirit alone does in us, what Jesus did for us.
For us it is the Holy Spirit that convicts of sin. A conviction with a view to us being drawn closer not driven away. A gentle conviction because of disappointments, of feeling unloved, rejected hurting, condemned. He loves us and always reaches out to us because of His love for us.

It is part of our spiritual life to discern the spiritual world around us. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned by spiritual people. When He comes into our lives He energises our spirit then the rest depends upon me and my response to what He has given. It is my responsibility to respond to His Holiness in me. To accept or to reject its work and power through me.
The Holy Spirit is a person and not just an influence. He is alive and active as a person.
We are partakers of the divine nature. Holiness has a liberty beyond anything that is natural.
It has a power that sets people free from their sin. It has power to destroy the unclean, sickness and death.

Rom 6:13-16 Who are you presenting yourself to? He will bring freedom for each one who comes to Him and acknowledges His right to change their life.
The human spirit uninspired by the Holy Spirit only honours Jesus when He does things. This is often the root of unbelief and doubts.

Rev 22:11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

It is difficult to live this life, yes that's maybe true, but in and through His HOLY Spirit we can and we will, because we choose too.

As one of His prayer warriors, is this not worth fighting for? HIS HOLINESS?

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Do Not Shrink Back

This is the day that the Lord has made, so rejoice it is for you to richly enjoy.
This is a time in your life to push through into something more of God’s Spirit.
This is not a time in your life to back off from the Lord; not to back off from the whole truth, neither from a full commitment to His calling.
We are all going to need to be in tune with God.
Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart.
God knows ALL about us and what our reactions are when He speaks to us and whether we accept what He is saying to us.
He desires to give all of us more understanding and spiritual wisdom for the days ahead.

Paul spoke in Acts 20:20  “I did not shrink back in declaring the word of God”.
v21  He had a heart of repentance towards God.
v27  He did not shrink back from declaring the whole purpose of God.
v28  He was on guard for himself and for the church.
v31  Therefore be alert for each other.
v32  I commend to you the grace of God.
His motive was to build the saints up and to encourage them into their inheritance amongst those who are sanctified.

Why do we have need to press on into more of Him?
• We will want to know what to do in a time of crisis.
• We will want our needs met.
• We will want to be protected.
• We will want an assurance that all is going be OK.
• We will have opportunities to help our friends and neighbours.
• We will be a witness to others in time of crisis.

God knows what is happening right now; He has not been surprised at the attempts of man to run the world. He is still in full control.
His word has still got revelation in it, there is still more to come.
There is still more understanding of Him to come.
There is still more wisdom from Him to come, more discernment, more prophetic insight

He does not want us to be worried about any crisis in the world.
He wants us to feel secure, to feel safe and to feel loved and protected.
BUT we will not feel that if we are shrinking back.
God longs for us to trust Him completely and not to put our trust in ourselves or in man.

Why shrink back from Jesus, the Christ, The Son of the living God?
Jesus is alive, He lives, HE is not dead.
So why allow oneself to be dead in sin and iniquity, when we can choose to be alive in God’s love?

Do you want to be alive in Christ?
Be quick to repent from shrinking back from building a deeper relationship with Him.
Get your life in order, by breaking the power and the deadness of sin in your life.
Choose to live today in the love of God.
Carry this life to all those that you meet, for God wants them to meet Him through you. Stay away from those who do not help give you this life.
Mix with those who encourage Godliness and Holiness.
Do only the things that help you to relate to Jesus, the Living God, Father of all.
The basic things of our love and trust in God, are to repent, pray, give thanks, and worship.
Worship will only be there if He is your God, your Beloved, your ALL.

LOVE is the key to life. More so…..  in Loving God is the key to life.
Seek first the Kingdom of God. -  His way of life for you.
In seeking His will and asking Him what it is that He wants us to do and who does He want us to relate to, His response would be right now…  “Do not shrink back from living The Truth.”

We should not shrink back because we do not agree with something, or because of disappointments we may have suffered, or feelings of “God has let me down”.  We should not shrink back because we feel offended, hurt or rejected.  God has never, nor will He ever ‘let us down’. He has never been unkind to us or been anything other than full of love and grace.

Today, I am not shrinking back from what God has called me to do, - declaring the full counsel of God.
Those who reject the Word and the work of the Holy Spirit leading them into all truth, will fail to find the answer to life.

Jesus is saying to you today. “DO NOT SHRINK BACK FROM ME. I have chosen life for you, commit yourself to living this life”.

David Tidy
PWI co-ordinator