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David Tidy's new book "The Inner Dwelling Presence and Power of God"

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Inner Dwelling Presence and Power of God

David Tidy's new book "The Inner Dwelling Presence and Power of God"
This book will encourage you to build a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Quote from the book:
“It takes a measure of revelation to move in faith, and to rule over negative attitudes and emotional pulls.  If there is any negative part of your personality in your life you will have to rule over it, with the power of the Spirit of God. It is very difficult to fight yourself within, unless you have a higher power than yourself.   It is like arm wrestling with yourself at the table, you are not going to win are you, no one is going to win because you are equal in strength. Now let us imagine there are two of us sat at the table, me on one side and myself on the other side and we are having arm wrestling contest and the Spirit of God came into one side, the side that is going to win is the one filled with the Spirit isn’t it?  Because you have now received another’s power; you now have another stronger character within your life to help you. So now you’ve got two of you – you’re not schizophrenic – but you have another personality, one that has more power than you. He is the one who desires the oneness with you, to be your strength.”

The revelation from the Holy Spirit in this book can change your life.
David Tidy

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