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Sunday, 10 February 2013

We cannot redefine marriage

The present push of those in government and others who see things only from a humanistic viewpoint are coming under the strategy and planning of spirit powers that have been operating for over a hundred years.

This move of redefining marriage was orchestrated back in the late 1800s by a lady named Helen Blavatsky. One of her disciples was Alice Ann Bailey who died in 1934 having written 26 volumes on the New Age. The main avenues of thought from her new age teaching are:-

Break the Jewish and Christian tradition of the family and
communication between children and parents.
Same sex sex must be free to be enjoyed.
Homosexuality to be equal with heterosexuality
Remove the restrictions on sex
Divorce and the breakup of marriages

In some ways this has been partially accepted by two thirds of the government and the people of today, not knowing that they have been manipulated by the controlling powers of this age. Sadly some church people are also taken in by this. Part of Alice Bailey’s plan was to get the church to endorse these things.

This comes at a time when the Holy Spirit, in following the prophecies proclaimed in the Bible, is seeking to prepare a spotless bride for the coming of the Son of God.

God the Father through the Holy Spirit is refining His Bride, cleansing her to be a pure virgin, without spot, wrinkle or blemish for His beloved Son Jesus.

He is getting her ready by cleansing the Body of Christ of its spots, which is any uncleanliness within the body and which is not holy and pure. It speaks of apostasy, religiosity and traditions of man.

He is removing wrinkles of worries, fears of man, anxieties and concerns of this worldly life.

He is also dealing with blemishes, stains of iniquity, hidden and secret motives and ungodly desires.

There is no way, in all that the Lord is doing in preparation of His Bride, that there can be any compromise with uncleanliness which unfortunately is being promoted by the present move of some.

Psalm 24 speaks of entering into the Lord’s presence with clean hands and a pure heart.

Therefore prayer warriors, we have to come in the opposite spirit than most people would be in today and declare God’s way of marriage and family. It is time to speak out and be bold about it, not to hold back. God lovingly and gently warns us not to accept the ways of the world or we shall make ourselves His enemy. James 4:4.

It is time to submit to His word, His way and His life and to resist most strongly the ways of this world and its humanistic reasoning that leads people into the gates of hell.