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Thursday, 3 January 2013

January 2013

I have to start this new year by apologising for giving out a false prophecy in the PWI June 2012 newsletter. I am afraid that I simply got it wrong and have repented before the Lord. I had a deep sense at the start of last year that there would be a lifting up of the people in this nation through the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen and the Olympic games followed by a major catastrophe in the UK during October through December which would shake the nation and also affect Europe, and in turn the rest of the world. I believed this shaking would wake up the church and cause the nation to turn to the Lord for its salvation. I felt that God was going to speak in a very tangible way that no-one could deny that it was Him speaking. I am sorry for this error. Please forgive me for misleading you and causing you any unnecessary concern.

David Tidy