Friday, 16 December 2011

Walking in the Light

Jn 8:32 Know the truth and the truth will set you free.
Believe a lie and it will hold you in its grip
New age people say “that truth is relative to what you want to believe”
THE TRUTH IS living in the reality God. This is the Christian’s walk, and life.
We cannot make excuses for not walking in the light as He is the light. (1 Jn 1:7)
Luke 14:16-24 Many will make excuses as to why they did not walk in the truth, light.
V25 –27 love God above everything / everyone else or we cannot be His disciple.
Are we filling our lives with Godly things, Godly thoughts, Godly ways?
IF NOT, then when we come to pray, this worldly negative stuff we have filled our minds with will come to the surface and rob us of knowing and hearing from God.
If we have filled our lives with the word of God, had time with His Spirit, trusted and relied upon the heart of the Father, then these things will come to mind when we pray.
Then the relationship will be built, and we will know that we walk in the light, because of fellowship.
We cannot be HIS disciple without laying down the old life and living the new life in Christ.
Faithfull AND true written on our foreheads in a spiritual way, for all to see. (Rev 19:11)
Relationship with the Holy Spirit brings more love, more joy, more peace, more patience etc.
Fleshly living brings grumbling, quarrelling, disputes all basic instincts of the flesh. Selfishness.
• Heb 12:14 1. Pursue peace, with all men
• 2. And sanctification for without it no one will see the Lord, meet with the Lord.
• V 15 3. Do not come short of trusting in the grace of God
• 4. Do not allow any roots of bitterness to cause trouble for you, and be defiled.
• 5. Do not be immoral.
• 6. Do not be GODLESS, be filled with His life and ways
For when they lived without God and Godliness they robbed themselves of the blessing of God.
Revelation of our position in Christ as an individual is essential.
Living by grace and love. Give the same and you will be blessed.
You are the gate-keeper of your life, see to it that only Godly things have influence in your life.
Being a Christian, is more than just knowing of Christ, it is living the life of Christ.
Instability, weakness, double-mindedness, unreality is caused by indecision to go fully God’s way.
Does God has priority over your lives?
IF NOT, what is your excuse?
If Yes, He does have priority, wonderful. Then His life will manifest in and through you.
You will know the fruit of that relationship and others will see it.
They will know that you are His disciple, because you have the characteristics of God in your life.
The very best thing that you can do in life is to give your life to Christ Jesus and leave it with Him to work it all out for you.
Do not grumble about what is or is not, as you see it, get on with living His life in you and see the glory of God be seen through you.
It is more important and gives priority to God to press on into more of God for yourself, than to always be making excuses for what you do not see.
In time we all will reap what we have sown, the life of Christ manifest to the world.
If you don’t pray, you will not stay… the course of life.
Walk in the Light of the Spirit of Love. Gal 5:16 - Eph 5:2 - Eph 5:8 – Rom 6:4