Friday, 16 December 2011

Understanding the ways of God

The result of the fall of man has affected the way mankind relates to God.
Communication in a spiritual way was broken.
We started seeing with our eyes and hearing solely with our ears.
People do not see God, do not hear God. Or know Him intimately, He is so loving, caring, faithful to them.Being able to see what is in God’s Spirit is essential for the spiritual life of His family.
Discerning the inner spirit comes from knowing the Spirit.
You will not really know another person without spending time with them.
…you pick up on their wisdom and their understanding.
You begin to discern the real life that is there deep within. Not just the surface.
Be able to read the heart of that person, what they really think.
What makes them tick. The real life deep within.
The real life,… born of the Holy Spirit - Has been prepared for us to live.
Communicating from our inner spirit to His Spirit.
How do we do this? Is always the big question.
It is lived by communication and by the desire of our will.
First, my will has to be willing to submit to His ways.
The word of God will not be opened up to us by His Spirit, if we are not willing to receive it.
We will not have the power to live it, if we refuse to abide in its conditions.
The measure you give of your life to the Spirit, will be the measure you have of Him.
This is part of the divine order, the ways of the Lord.
Likewise…No repentance, then we are not forgiven.
If you do not forgive others, then you will not be forgiven either.
Discerning the ways of God, you will discern the will of God.
You will discern the heart and will of man by the way they live.
What is in the heart of God and man will come out.
Discerning the things of the Holy Spirit will come from understanding the H/S
Understand the will of God by the word of God…. Revealed by His Spirit.
If you do not understand it… then you have to search His heart for it by talking to Him.
Ask and you will receive …. Searching His will by having a clean and pure motive.
We gain the power of the spoken word by submission to it. To His Ways.
You cannot say to a demon of lust, Go from this persons body, if you are lustful. Unclean spirit. Resentful.
No willingness to deal with sin will weaken the power of the word in you.
The word is not weak, but your spirit will be. H/S not weak…but you will be.
There can be no compromise, if we want to see spiritual things.
Sin closes the window to the light, we will remain unable to see, until repentant.
If you do not see the ways of God, nor the will of God… then ask yourself why.
Before discerning the spirit of others, learn first to discern your own.
Do not try to judge others until you have finished looking at your own life.
1 Cor 2:6-10
God actually holds back certain wisdom until we get wise to His ways.
Less we hinder the work that He is doing.
V9 There are things that he has prepared in His heart to reveal to you.
V10 The Holy Spirit longs to bring truth, give discernment, wisdom etc.
BUT do we love Him enough to handle some things that we will see and understand?
How far do you want to go in submitting to His ways?
How far will you go?
Share the truth with a friend?
Will you speak out in tongues?
Will you cast out a demon from a persons life?
Will you be a voice?
Will you say it as it is and not compromise His ways?
You will ! great… then your discernment will increase, your power will increase.
Get ready for more supernatural wisdom to be released to you.
Insight is on its way. The window is opening to the light again.
You will see the heart of heart of God for yourself.
You will find His ways for your own life rather than others helping you.
For He will lead you into all truth.
The church as a whole is not a bride as yet, it is still immature.
It is not ready for birthing yet, it is still a child, in adolescence.
Childish in behaviour, still growing up.
BUT the time will come when the bridegroom will say “Come up here all you who have made yourself ready, washed your robes in the blood of the lamb, who have submitted to the purity of the word and the work of the Spirit, come”
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