Friday, 16 December 2011

Sweet Words

Romans 8:1-13
There is a love flow of God in us and through enabling us to serve others.
The words that I give to you are eternal.
With a new heart comes a new voice. We do not speak how we used to speak.
He has given us His word, here it is, it is for you, do you want it?“I give you MY word, and you can trust it.
Can you give Me your word that I can trust?”
Being born again releases a fresh attitude, coming from our hearts within.
Something that is flowing from the heart of God within.
Something good, special to Him.
Are all the words we speak sweet words to Jesus’ ears?
Does He long to hear us speak? Can He not wait to spend time with us to hear the words of love and encouragement flowing from our lips to Him and others.
Does He then not long to give more opportunities for folks like this to share His love and life with others.
Does He use the foul mouth, negative and aggressive person. No, who would want to listen to them anyhow?
The difference between our opinions and our revelation can be miles apart.
Worldly opinions are formed by reasoning of knowledge we see with our natural eyes and listen to with natural ears.
We then reason things out and come to a logical answer.
Our experience can be a major factor in the decision making.
This will bring about a worldly wisdom. Sometimes good but not necessarily God.
The spiritual person seeks for the wisdom from God’s heart searching through relationship with the Holy Spirit.
Relying on, and trusting in hearing His voice as the good shepherd who will lead us into all truth.
We then have to test out our own motives for the use of this knowledge.
We have to allow the Spirit of God to bring it forth in the same character that it was given, Jesus way, love being the root and the motive.
What is not brought forth in love does not flow from God.
What is not brought forth in the right Spirit, is not from the Holy Spirit.
All of you have to test out the heart that you listen to. Testing me today.
What is this doing to me, what am I receiving here, is this the Spirit of the Lord?
Or is it some other spirit power?
If it come from some flesh activity it will only touch flesh.
If it is a mind thing, it will only touch the mind.
If it is born of the Spirit of God it will accomplish what God wants it to do.
God is love and always speaks of grace and care for others.
The love flow of our Lord Jesus was always meant to be for you and out to others.
Two key things He is doing with us right now.
• 1. Calling us into a greater depth of intimacy
• 2. Taking what we have out to others.
Intimacy creates a sharper sword. Grasp this revelation for yourself.
I am in love with Jesus, and He with me, so I am going out on a date with Jesus.
Taking me places to show me off to others. Proud of me, loves me, pleased to have me as His own.
Are you willing to be taken out to be seen with Jesus, to speak sweet words about Him?
Word given Friday Prayer time 17th July 04 at C/S
“I am opening your hearts to be a transparent people, for all to see.
I am preparing a people for Myself.
Do not be concerned of what you feel you do not see, but focus on who I am and give glory to what you do see happening. Do not take your eyes off of Me as I prepare you for what is ahead, be patient and you will see the desires of your heart fulfilled.
My plans are to prosper you. Have I not given to you and kept you.
You desired a place of your own and here you are in that place, have I not provided this for you?
Have I not given you the finance as you have had need of it?
You have a body around you, a team of people to encourage you, a family in which you can trust.
I have given you a freedom that others would love to enjoy.
Yet now in My provision for you I am unfolding a mystery, things that you cannot see as yet, but you will see it. It will be opened up to you.
There is a pending storm brewing, yet be assured that I am watching over you and that I am for you, and will see you safely through. Only through trusting Me and putting your assurance in Me will you stand this testing time. I will be protecting you because of My love for you. Be aware of those who seek their own way of doing things, ask of Me, search My heart for your success, for My way is the way of growth and prosperity in the work of My Spirit”