Friday, 16 December 2011

Pressing on Into More of God

In any step of faith there is risk, we never have 100% information. We always need a % for faith to flow in.
Always need seeking, knocking and searching for.
A robe to lay around our shoulders, a mantel or yoke to carry the presence of the Lord.
We are to be a healthy, Biblical body of believers that will have more influence in the community.
• There is an accountability to this healthy body, to keep it healthy.
• There is an accountability to the Biblical, Spiritual body.
• There is accountability to the vision God has given us, to see a Church where people can find hope.
• To see a growing Church that will change the Spiritual climate of the area.

More involvement with the community.

• We are showing our colours to the people, what we believe.

We still have the same vision as always, to see God glorified in this area.
Vision only changes if it is fulfilled or fails.
Some are quick to point out their dislikes, and their opinions, but not with the right spirit.
They are normally the ones who do not come to pray, or speak about holiness, are making excuses for their sin. In other words a cover up for ungodliness.
Encourages are wanted, not discouragers “puller downers”
Stumbling blocks have to be removed from your lives, personally and here at Church.
Encouraging the people to live holy lives.
Motivators, builders, servant hearted.
Obedience is at the beginning of any vision, do what He says.
We are here in Birchington because of that.
Obedience is the progression of the vision, in doing what He says.
Obedience will be the fulfillment of the vision.
Obedience to His calling and using His gifts will give new wine to others.
Gifts unlock the Church’s future, to be able to see prophetically.
What value do you put on the love of God? highly of course, RSVP is required.
What value are the gifts of the Holy Spirit to you?
Gifts can unlock the door of many a closed heart, with words of knowledge, prophecy, encouragement etc.
Follow the Lord in the vision or there will be division.
Preaching and teaching the word of the Kingdom will bring the Kingdom fruit.
It is a Holy Kingdom with a Holy King, who has Holy motives and gives Holy fruit.
If we continue to preach the divine principles and do what He says, we will see it manifest from within. He will build His Church.
I would love to see all of you see the richness of living by His divine principles.
They are out of this world, in God’s hands.
‘My house will be a house of prayer’, What value is this to you?
Listen to this call from the Spirit of God to us from the letter to Timothy.
1 Tim 1: 5 “the goal of our instruction is LOVE from a pure heart, and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”
v10 deal with anything that is contrary to sound doctrine.
V18 fight the good fight with the prophecies previously given you.
1 Tim 2:1 with much prayer.
1 Tim 3: watch out for the devils’ tactics.
1Tim 4:6 constantly nourish yourself on sound doctrine.
V14 do not neglect the spiritual gifts given to you, use them.”
WHY do all this?
2 Tim 3:1-17 to be equipped for every good work.
God is setting up our future for us to stand with Him.

• From being a believer, to a disciple, to a saint, to an overcomer.
• A church with Vision.
• A disciplined body, individually and corporately.
• A serving Church, first The Lord, each other, then the community.

Free Methodist grew last year by 100, 000 new members world-wide.
Now in 67 countries.
It is moving forward in spreading scriptural holiness, and keeping Biblically correct.
There are no short cuts to living scriptural holiness.
There is no substitute for it, it is the best way of living.
It’s the easiest, the most rewarding way and it is living the truth.