Friday, 16 December 2011

The Power of the Kingdom of God

Luke 17:20-21  is within you.    Luke 8:1+10   Luke 9:1   Luke 18:16-17  
Therefore we are called as His disciples to show forth the Kingdom of our God.
 932 basileia {bas-il-i'-ah}
 AV - kingdom (of God) 71, kingdom (of heaven) 32,
1) royal power, kingship, dominion, rule…having the right or authority                                                        
                                                                       to rule over a kingdom
This Kingdom within has to rule and it has to stand over the Kingdom of evil.
Do you want to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God…His way of life?

It first has to be alive in us, then it can manifest itself in our lives.
Its purpose in being in us, is for it to flow from us.  Jesus is our example.
Is His Kingdom alive in you? It is a faith life therefore the righteous shall live by faith.
There is royal power in your life… there is a ruling over everything that is ungodly.

Israel…is the land and the people. Translated commonwealth…land and a people.
It is God’s Holy Land…does not look like it from mans point of view, it does to God.
There is a place to dwell, within Israel, for God’s people with Jesus as their King.
Zech 2:8 …the apple of My eye…God’s eye is there…over the people and the land.
Israel cannot be anywhere else can it?
The Kingdom of God is a dwelling place within us, it is the dwelling place of the King…Jesus.
It is a Spiritual place with a spiritual rule and reign…with Him on the throne.
Nothing can touch this Kingdom, where Jesus rules.
Only our reluctance to allow it to manifest can stop it from ruling.
He will not over-rule our will…the choice has been given to us to submit or not.
This Kingdom within is a place for us also to dwell in…with Him.
It is a place for His personality to be seen and related to.
It is of the Holy Spirit, so is a Holy place and we are to live within this ruling character.
With us being in Christ and Christ being in us…is being in His Kingdom.

Rev 21:1-11
Now let us consider the New Jerusalem as a bride coming down out of heaven.
The old has to pass away and the new will come…the old earth will go and the new will come.
Does this sound familiar for your own life. The old had to die that the new may come.
A new heaven and a new earth, a new Jerusalem of people and a place where we are as one person with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. John 17 in answer to Jesus prayer.

Israel…a people and a place…The New Jerusalem a people and a place.
The Kingdom of God within is personality and a place…we are a people with the personality of God.
Israel cannot be Israel outside of Israel.
The Kingdom of God cannot be outside of us. Until He comes again.
The New Jerusalem cannot be brought here until the old earth has gone.

Heb 8:1-2 a temporary tabernacle is set up for now…
The NJ is a temple created by the Holy Spirit…it is a place for the people of God.
A place for His family…who are like Him…born of Him.
A people who manifest His character that rule over evil…loves and lives the truth.
We do things His way…have the life of Christ within and show forth His creation, The Kingdom of God.
Jesus came down to the earth…came down out of heaven, like the NJ will.
A prepared place for us to dwell in…the same as the living, life giving Kingdom already here in us to be lived.
We live by the power of this Kingdom…it produces power to rule, the person who rules within us has the power and imparts it to those who are willing to accept it.

Only those who have the Kingdom of God within shall be part of the bride…the new Jerusalem. You must be born again to enter heaven. John 3:3
One has to be born again…born of the Spirit to enter this spiritual place.
It is done in a spiritual way by a spiritual life given and accepted by the One who has made a way for us to enter.
He went before us to make a way… to the new life. Wow…what a Friend.

We are being prepared for His coming, will He find faith in our hearts when He comes?
Have you entered by faith into this Kingdom of His, that is already here in you and me?
Will He have found something of His Kingdom manifest in each of our lives?

Matt 6:10 Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done. It has come…is His will being done?
It came at Pentecost in the character of the Holy Spirit poured out onto believers.
Did it manifest itself in the world through them?
Luke 10:1 and the Lord sent out 70 others to take forth the Kingdom to be an ambassador for the Kingdom of God. v17-21 Jesus’ reaction to His rule being seen was that He rejoiced greatly in the Holy Spirit.

What did HE tell His disciples to do…
Luke 12:28-34 seek first the Kingdom of God,
and its character…righteousness…then all these things will be added to your life.
Are you seeking the Kingdom of God first in every situation?

Believers say to me…how do I do it David?
You talk to Him…relate to Him…allow Him to change your heart, your mind, your life
Listen to Him, respond to His calling, respond to His Word and His Spirit.
Live as a spiritual person more than you would seek the way of the world.
Do not act like the world does…live like Christ…pray and seek His way for your life.
Submit to His ways… stand firm for Him…do not deny anything He asks of you.
Resist the devil and his ways…quickly repent and forgive when hurt or rejected.
Love Jesus with all of the heart and proclaim the Lord is the answer…
And then you will know that the Kingdom of God has been manifest in your life.
Trust and obey for there is no other way…to be happy in Jesus.

You will see the New City…because you will be part of it.
The old city is nice to see…but the new one…wow.
Will you stand with me in proclaiming the Kingdom of God?
It is for us to help each other so lets pray for each other.