Friday, 16 December 2011

The Power of Holiness

Rev 5:1-14 The revelation of Jesus to John.
Jesus by His Spirit is always willing to give His revelation to you, if you want to hear it.
Taken captive to Patmos, John taken aside to hear what God had to say to him.
God will allow circumstances to come your life to help you to listen to Him.
Pray that you will always be willing to hear what He has to say to you. Desire to rsvp.
V2-3 No one was strong enough to open the book and break its seals.
Not needed physical strength but spiritual strength, the character of God, His Holiness.
For you to open and listen and respond to Jesus requires a Spiritual strength.
A strong desire to know Him and all that He is. The Holy God.
V5 The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David has overcome and is able to open.
What had He overcome but sin, death and the world.
He had the power even as a man on earth to rule over sin and death and a desire to serve God.
The power is found by choosing to live a Holy life without sin, death and worldliness.
Make friends with the worlds’ ways and we make ourselves an enemy of God. Weakens life.
V9 He was found worthy because of what He did.
Holiness works against all ungodliness.
V 10 A priesthood to reign. A Holy Priesthood, A Kingdom of God.
Holy character, priests who can see through the eyes of the Lord.
Face to face with Him. Nothing evil in their hearts. Godly people who love to serve.
These folks will see through the power of sin and the world, its’ motives and strategies. Only they will see the prophetic clearly.
These will see the rebellion of worldliness and sin and choose to reach out to God.
Those with eyes to see, look for and pursue Him for a touch of His Holiness.
He loves to be loved because of His Holiness, loves to be desired for who He is.
He loves to be enjoyed, accepted and honoured.
Loves the intimacy of the oneness of His Holy Spirit with us.
He hates spiritual adultery, flirting with the world and its half hearted attempts to satisfy us. Does not last.
He hates the things of the world that steal away our love from Him.
Acting in a natural life rather than the spiritual life robs Him of the real life He gave us.
Marriage is to be shared openly and freely same for Him with us.
Free to love and care for each other, giving spiritual freedom because He is Spirit.
Not a worldly freedom, not a sensual freedom, that steals away the trust and purity of love.
Love Him? Love His character? Love His Holiness? Love His faithfulness? Great
We are betrothed to Him, He is faithful, we also are to be faithful to Him.
There are no short cuts to finding God and His Holiness; it will cost you much.
The rewards are great. The persecution and pain will be much. WORTH IT? YES YES.
V14 Four living creatures cried out Amen. Amen. Amen.
So be it. This is my will. My desire is ‘Yes Lord Yes Lord. Your way, Yahweh.’
“Be still for the presence of the Lord is moving in this place”
Where are we going as a church? First where have we come from?
We are not what we were this time last year, we are different, so we have handled change.
We have moved into something more of the freedom of God.
Do not back off from the work and change of the Holy Spirit.
Learn to flow with Him, we are going the way of the Holy Spirit.
We are now attached to a movement of Holiness, and such we shall be.
This is not legalistic or religion but freedom of the Holy Spirit.
It is this Holiness that carries the power to open doors that were not able to be opened before.
Seals, agreements against us will be broken because of the move of His Holy Spirit amongst us.
Restrictions have already been broken and a move of God is happening, Satan has seen it.
We are opening up to more of His presence, so this will reveal sin in the church.
It will reveal worldly ways and fleshly desires.
It will show who is and who is not willing to fight through.
The freedom is more now than ever before, if you have a problem with this, it is with you and the Lord. You have a problem with the Holy Spirit, not the Church.
If you have not brought forth in the meeting times together words to encourage the body, prophesied as from the Lord, built up the body then you have no spiritual right to condemn, criticise or speak badly about His Church body.
I suggest you spend much time with Father before you talk to others about it.
He could save you a lot of trouble and pain.
Will YOU help us to find this love of and for His Holiness?
Help us to find His love and grace.
Help us in doing that which is born of the Holy Spirit.
Help us to deal with any hindrances to the freedom and Holiness of the Lord we love.
Help us to fulfil the purposes of why Jesus came, to destroy the works of the evil one.
Help us to promote the Holiness of God over the worldliness in the church in this nation.
Help us to find ways of touching this town and this area with this God of Love.
Help us to support those who have need of living the life of Christ in the Church.
Supporting each other from being drawn into the world and its ways.
Help each other from natural reasoning to spiritual insight and understanding.
Live the life of a born again believer.
Are you really born again, letting the Holy Spirit reign in your life?
Are you dedicated to serving God and His Holiness?
Then say Yes to God and begin to see things open up to you.
You will see seals of the past being broken and a freshness of the Spirit in our lives.
You will see clearly into the prophetic view of God through His eyes.
What a day for change for us all as we say ‘YES LORD, YES LORD, YES LORD.’
Living creatures here on earth Father are saying to You, ‘Amen Amen Amen.’