Friday, 16 December 2011

One New Man

"Jesus Christ is our peace" Ephesians 2.13

A prophetic statement of Eph 2:15 ‘He has abolished the law...that he might create in himself one new humanity in place of the two.’
A coming together of the body of Christ and Jewish believers for a sole purposes of God.
Eph 2:12 - 16 A statement. A prophetic action. A forerunner of what is to come.
Gentiles were separated from the Messiah of Israel
V12 Words like ‘excluded’, ‘strangers’. ‘no hope’. ‘without God’.
V14 Made both groups into one. Broke down the barriers
V16 A reconciling work of the Spirit of God
Putting to death the enmity, the fight that goes on between two factions.
2 Cor 5:17 –18 The ministry of reconciliation
This is the basic level of our work in the Spirit of God.
Our calling starts right here.
The foundation on which we build is together, as the one new man.
The anointing for the church has to come from this revelation
Ps 133 Dwelling together ….. anointing of God on the head and then to the body
The head of the church / of the body is Jesus:
a Jew
King of the Jews
Was and still is
Coming back to the Jews in Jerusalem
Coming back to His land
Gentile believers are now part of the King of the Jews.
A marriage is now being created on earth
A bride now being prepared for a unity beyond all unity.
Oneness of body soul and spirit.
Two becoming One
It will be recognized in the last days.
Ten people will be hanging on to one Jew Because God will be with him.
Eph 3:3-4 A mystery of Christ
V6 Fellow heirs, fellow members, of the body, partakers of the promise.
Chapters 4 – 5 to 6:13
Our strength for battle is found in relationship with Christ Jesus.
The head and the body, therefore with the Jew.
One with Christ is one with the Jew
Eph 6:13 Take up the full armour of God, with the revelation of
all the promises He gave to the Jews
A tree stands where it is rooted.
Where are we rooted? In the Jew and Israel.
A spiritual root for a spiritual person
Our genealogy is found in Matt 1:1
Our spiritual life cannot be strong without drawing from the Jewish root and the Jewish book of life.
The church’s responsibility is to bless our roots OR WE DIE.
With no faith coming from the root we will die. We draw as a tree would.
The tree’s bark around the trunk is likened to the law
The grace of God and the blood line of Jesus flows up the Centre.
Jesus fulfilled the law.
The enemy is seeking to get to the land around our roots to pollute it
If he can get the poison to the roots the root will die and then the tree.
We need deep roots to draw from.
Deep into the ground, strong foundations into the word of life.
Not surface Christianity but deep rooted immovable love.
Drawing from the springs of life deep down inside the earth, well below the surface.
Not the outer show but the deep inner depth of life of the Spirit.
We the church have given the right to the enemy to take land from Israel. We have given him the right to infiltrate the soil on which we stand.
He has gained ground from the Commonwealth of Israel.
When? When the church decided it would replace Israel for the church in replacement theology.
We laid our roots open to the winds of the spirit of the anti Christ.
It gave the enemy the right to bring in another state. To claim ground from us.
We gave him ground to move into the church because of the deception.
The church is sleepy, not aware of what is happening.
It has lost hope for the reality of God.
There is an expectation of war in Israel. (written before the summer 06 war with Lebanon).
Therefore there is something of a major attack expected upon the church.
Are we preparing for this in our own hearts?
Do not pray against this war in Israel because God is going to use it for Israel and the church.
What is your response to where you will stand?
Who will you stand with? where you are rooted, with Israel?
Israel does not do everything right, neither do we.
But God is faithful to His people.
Will you stand with Israel despite her attitude towards God?
Then let us proclaim our stand with the King of the Jews,
And say we are with you and your people.
We stand with one heart for our roots.
The head is for us as He is for His land.
We have to take back what has been stolen from us.
God is preparing a day for this to happen.
The Jews will live in their land, all of it as God promised.
David Tidy, 2006