Friday, 16 December 2011

Love Flow

John 13:34-35 a new commandment, it is a commandment to LOVE.
Not by your gifting, your abilities, your intelligence, your anointing,
Ezek 11:18-19 …and will put a new spirit within you .. new heart.
A heart that will know Me, one that will contain Me.
You will be My habitation, dwelling place. Where I AM - Is love.
The Greek word for abide is “meno” it means to settle down, to remain
To be at rest in His love, settled, at peace in Him.
I want you to remain in My love.
Submit to this love, He will be able to create a new fresh place within you, a realm where God rules = the Kingdom of God.
From within this place where God is allowed to rule all things are possible.
Here your faith grows in an atmosphere of love, an area well protected.
No-one can touch this spiritual kingdom within, it has been given to you.
Only you can allow this Kingdom to be released from within.
No other than you or God can move the power outward, from within.
This place of intimacy, the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, is where revelation is birthed,
from where the rhema word comes forth.
This is the place of words of knowledge,
The prophetic is seen.
Where prayers are birthed,
Where anointing flows from.
Where tongues speak from.
Where desires are birthed, where we minister from.
Where wisdom flows forth, understanding received.
Faithfulness leads to fruitfulness.
Ps 1 says blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him, he will be like a tree firmly planted by the waters...and never fails to bear fruit.
Isa 30:15 In repentance and rest is your salvation,
And in quietness and trust is your strength, BUT you would have none of it.
Matt 11:28-29 come to me all of those who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Take My yoke upon you will find rest for your soul
This actually gives some suggestion of inactivity, stillness, because Jesus wants to be our life and that is in Him alone. But its not passive.
The problem is always us, because the human heart is prone to perpetual self reliance and stubbornness.
TAKE My yoke upon you, …. And you will find rest for your souls.
A changed life is always shown by its fruit.
Rest shows in us, it reveals the character of Jesus at peace and at rest, Him as shalom peace.
Tim 4:7 train yourself to be Godly, for Godliness is of great gain / value. Being at rest is being Godly.
It’s of great value being at rest as God is.
Our simple discipline is to pursue Godliness, Holy Christ-likeness.
God is never troubled, and so can we be free of worry.
The way forward for us is :
Bring intimacy into relationship with the Lord.
Create time to be with Him, the one you love.
Choose a pure and simple devotion to Him
Guard the heart to keep it open and listening to His words of love.
Block the voice of doubt, that steals away the love.
Build on what you already know of His character
Keep yielding to His will and His way.
Its not about getting things from God, to better your life, its not about information, BUT revelation, of His place of rest with in us, and all this is for Him.
For us to give to Him a new love, a renewed life
It is this transformation of the inner life, born of the Spirit, that is the greatest life to live
The attitude of the heart is more important than any method you use to meet with Him.
Acknowledge that the Lord is always ready to meet with you, wherever you are, and wherever you are at spiritually.
Take time to purify the heart, only the pure in heart see God. Matt 5:8
Do not focus on getting something from God, but for God to speak.
Relationships today are mostly because the people give something, but we need to be available just to listen, giving worth to the speaker, God.
It is in our giving away everything that is precious to us to the Lord, that enables Him to give us the real treasure of His life.
When there nothing between us He can give us more of Himself.
No idol or anything that resembles an idol, anything that has a higher place than Him in life. Home, friend, husband, wife, money, appearance, habit, ministry, calling, desire for more gifts etc.
You can give away the joy of ones senses, for the depth and reality of the spirit.
This will release His joy into yours and make your joy complete.
Your joy will not be complete outside of Him. Only in and through Him, and by Him.
Impartation of Himself into your life. Spirit to spirit overflowing into the soul and body.
Love is God revealed, manifest into this earthly life.
Happiness is created by external sight, real joy that lasts is knowing Him and His Joy.
Happiness can be lost where circumstances change around us, but the Joy of the Lord gives us strength no matter what we have to endure.
The love of God, not the love for God, within with the joy that comes from the Spirit of God will see you through the greatest trial.
It will remove the power of isolation, loneliness and despair.
It will rule over the roots of rejection, and fears of rejection.
Because His love carries an acceptance within it.
Because it contains your heart in His hand, the treasure that you are to Him.
No devil can touch you, steal from you for His eyes are always on you.
His thoughts are forever looking with favour to help you.
Seeking ways of giving you presents, gifts of revelation, words.
Love is the healing power to every sickness, every wound. Love is beyond any estimation, far far greater than anything earthly. It knows no boundaries, no time, no distance, no conditions.
He will fight for your eternal presence with Him, do everything He can to see you through.
Will You?