Friday, 16 December 2011

A Life of Love

I have been speaking recently about the love flow of God, and His sweet words to us.
I said “Intimacy creates a sharper sword. Grasp this revelation for yourself.
I am in love with Jesus, and He with me, so I am going out on a date with Jesus.
Taking me places to show me off to others. Proud of me, loves me, pleased to have me as His own.
Are you willing to be taken out to be seen with Jesus, to speak sweet words about Him?”Take every opportunity to speak about Him, because you love Him SO MUCH.
This week on the street, I had a wonderful time of sharing the love of God to others
Rev 3:2-3 wake up to the fact, that you need to do something in regard to what you have heard.
Strengthen what you have retained, for the deeds that are to be done are not yet completed.
What has remained of what you have heard? Continue to proclaim it.
Believe it, live it, and make it seen…this is what I believe. I am saved, I am His.
Isa 40:28 I do not grow weary or tired of you, My understanding of you is so great.
Ps 139: 17-18 How can I stop loving you, when Me thoughts are continuing all day about you.
Ps 139:3 Because I am acquainted with all of your ways,
I know all of your thoughts and all of your personal ways.
Ps 139:13 Was it not Me that created you and formed you in your mothers womb
V14 Wonderfully made
V15 It was no mistake, Me making you in that secret place, to be who you are.
Isa 49:15 As a mother who cannot forget her nursing baby, even so much greater is My love for you, I will never forget you.
Isa 49:16 I have engraved you on my hand
Eph 1:11 I have chosen you, you are My beloved.
John 10:3 Isa 43:10 I have called you by name
1 John 3:1 You are Mine, my child
Heb 13:5 I will never leave you or forsake you (to the enemy) wherever you go,
I will be with you.
John 10:37 Ps 37:4 I hold you firmly in My hand.
1 Pet 5:7 Matt 11:28 I care for you and want to take your burdens and anxi- eties,
1 Ps 145: 15-19 I delight in satisfying your desires
1 Rom 8:35-39 Nothing can separate My love from you
Isa 54:10 Though Mountains be shaken and hills be removed, My unfailing love for you will never change
John 15:15 You are My friend
Isa 43:1 + 4 You are precious and honoured in My sight and I love you, My beloved
Ps 139: 16 I had a specific purpose in mind when I made you, for I have written the days of your life in My book before there was one of them.
That was for Me to love you, whom I created, and for you to LOVE ME.
The Spirit of God is saying to us:
It is not your commitment to church, It is not your availability, It is not your finances that I need,
It is not your prayers that I need, It is not an existence in you. All these things are right and true, BUT MY desire is to live a life of love with you, will you come to Me and give Me the desire of My heart.
I love you, I love you, I love you.