Friday, 16 December 2011

Knights of Malta

The Knights of Malta are a Roman Catholic Secret Society, with the Pope at its head. The Knights of Malta also go by the name of Hospitallers. As in freemasonry, members at the lower levels are heavily involved in good works, and possibly unaware of the activities of the inner core members. The Hospice Movement, RNLI, British Red Cross, St John Ambulance Association, Franciscans, Dominicans and Jesuits were all born out of the Knights of Malta.The Knights of Malta have over 11 000 members worldwide. Members are in all walks of life eg banking, politics, CIA, P2, religion, education, UN. On 24 August 1994 they were recognised under Resolution Number 48/265 as an Observer Member of the United Nations.
The Knights of Malta have expanded during the last 40 years. Foreigners and non-aristocrats are coming under the supervision of the Pope. The vision of the Order is to safeguard at all costs the pre-eminently religious character of the Order, which is considered supreme, essential and indispensable (address to the Chapter General of the Order, 7 March 1989). This implies that the Order is returning to its full religious aims, which, in addition to establishing the supremacy of the Pope, is a view that the Knights replaced the Jews as the subjects in the Bible (eg they are the Root and Branch of David).
Knights of Malta today have three different divisions: (The Knights of Malta, HJA Sire p273).

• 1. This has been in effect since the 12 century. They are a religious order of the Catholic Church. Members at this level take vows of chastity and poverty (not absolute – they traditionally renounce their freedom to dispose of property).
• 2. Since 1960 they have incorporated a religious institution for laymen who are bound by promises of obedience to their superiors. They are bound only by the religious promises (not chastity / poverty). They take a year of probation under a spiritual director, then an oath of obedience to the Grand Prior or other superior. They are under obligation to hear mass and receive the Sacraments regularly, and to be active in the life of the Order.
• 3. An order of chivalry conferring knight or dame titles, mostly on Catholics, but also on non-Catholics of high standing. These members’ financial contributions support the works of the Order. Obedience to Catholic teaching is required. This is the largest section of the Order, and there is a growing responsibility to uphold the religious and hospitaller (charitable) works.
Individual membership of the Order must be supported by the Sovereign Council in Rome, and all members give of their services voluntarily.
Gary Kah in En Route to Global Occupation, page 109 states: ‘false ecumenical / interfaith unity being promoted today by the World Council of churches – an organisation that is strongly influenced by Freemasonry – is nothing new. It has been used for centuries to try to further the cause of world government. As long as Christians do not unite with the peoples of other religions, there can be no world government. This unwillingness of Christians to compromise their faith has been the chief obstacle for the conspirators’.
Knights of Malta swear to work towards the establishment of the New World Order, with the Pope at the head. Their first allegiance is to the Pope, not their own nation or denomination. In 1952 an alliance was formed so Black aristocracy (European nobility with esoteric aims), Illuminati, The Vatican and Freemasons would all work together to bring in the New World Order.