Friday, 16 December 2011

Keeping a Healthy Mind

The way to gain control of the mind
First acknowledge the need of the Lord, and that it is difficult to do it yourself.
Read Romans 7: 15-25 speaks of some reality to us, it is true “For what I am
doing I do not understand, for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I
am doing the very thing I hate. Therefore I agree with the Law of Sin”
It is not so much my will but sin that lives within me.
A thought that is not initiated by me, and has not been chosen by me is not from my
will but the very presence of sin within me.
Do not be condemned by thoughts that are not chosen by your own volition.
v21 I find then the principle that evil is present within me and I want to do good.
I joyfully concur with the law of God (Holy Spirit) within, yet my body and the
members of my being war against the law of God…giving me real problems.
So who will set me free…thanks be to God…Jesus will.
I then fight the good fight to win the battle of the mind where I agree with God and His
ways and resist my flesh from giving into the law of sin.
Rom 8:1 Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus who…
1. Get rid of any roots of bitterness. Heb 12:15 which can derive from a lack of grace.
Taking your eyes away from God and putting them on yourself, on my hurts
or on what man has done.
Bitterness will make you ill…dries up your bones and causes pain.
It will do you more harm than others if you are bitter towards them
2. Forgive
3. Love yourself
4. Do not justify yourself. Christ alone justifies
5. Do not seek for happiness outside of yourself.
It is never there. Happiness is found within you.
6. Jesus in control of your heart? Then you will be happy.
If the Holy Spirit is happy within you, you will sense His happiness.
1 Cor 13:1-8 Keep a motive of love forever growing.
Col 2:10 because only in His love do we become complete and gain full control of the
mind. The love and purpose of God for man is full control of our being.
The fruit of the relationship with and through the Holy Spirit with Christ Jesus is the
“self” under full control…as Jesus was. Gal 5:23
The mind in control will help to complete the whole man.
1. That complete man is to be like Jesus, fulfilling the office of prophet, priest and king.
Like a prophet… understanding the signs of the times.
As a priest… knowing the Holiness of the Lord’s full character.
As our King… knowing Him as the King of all kings…authority.
2. Characteristics of an incomplete man:
a) Unable to deal with his own sin issues and fleshly situations.
b) High degree of inconformity, inconsistency.
c) Deep feeling of loneliness and feelings of rejection.
d) Inability to maintain a regular prayer life
e) No real relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit.
3 Recognise that you are a spiritual being, not just a physical and emotional being, and
that you must grow spiritually.
4. Discover your ministry, what is your calling. Matt 28:19-20
5. Learn that you are an important person to God.
6. Put into practice the gifts that God has given you. (We all have them)
7. Recognise the love of God through Jesus Christ for you.
8. Believe that the work God has begun in you, He, himself will bring to completion.
(Phil 1:6).
A Healthy Mind creates a healthy lifestyle.
A Healthy lifestyle creates a Healthy Mind
It means living the life given us by The Lord
2 Cor 10:5 Taking our thoughts captive
There are three levels of thought life
1. Thoughts from our life lived in the past
Gained from our experience of our life lived.
The forefathers affect, from past generations.
2. We have the mind of Christ, the word in our thoughts
3. Suggestions and temptations from the evil one.
Not all thoughts are good for us.
We control our lives by controlling the battle in the mind
Rom 12:1-2 Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Keep the mind healthy, and know how it functions and how it relates to the conscience.
If the conscience is towards your desire rather than the Lord, it will lean towards
decisions for fulfilment of this.
It will be drawn to the deepest desire in your life, and in that give signals to the soul
and the mind. Feelings will be released in accordance to this.
The conscience can give a feel good factor, as it sits nicely with your own desire.
If the major focus in your life is your family then the conscience will lean towards it.
Take a radical believer of another faith brought up in his holy books, his conscience
will tend to lean towards His major focus, regardless of what are right morals to others.
His conscience has been trained to respond to what has become the ideal or focus of his
upbringing and culture.
His conscience can be seared by his ideal or wrong morals.
To a Christian Jesus has to be the ideal. Not the church, not the book, not the lost, but
Christ Jesus as their Lord. Nothing else can be above Him and all that He is.
A selfish person who has ideals of grandeur for self will make decisions promoting self
and feel it is ok because of the greater strength of that desire, even in working with God
What is your ideal life, and what are your greatest morals, because this is where your
conscience will trigger promoting of the soul and lead the body to obey.
We therefore cannot trust in just the leading of the conscience, Conscience is not the
voice of God in us. The conviction of the Holy Spirit is. So trust in the Holy Spirit
within has to be strengthened and matured, to have a mind under control of your spirit
submitted to the Holy Spirit.
The mind will stay healthy if we continue to focus first and foremost on the Lord Jesus.
Practice keeping the mind in control…do not let it roam.
Keep it under control by giving it the right attention.
Feed it with the righteousness of the full character of God and it will be a blessing and
not a pain to you.