Friday, 16 December 2011

An Introduction to Spiritual Mapping

From Genesis to Revelation, God reveals that we are in a battle - a battle for souls; a battle for holiness in our lives; a battle for God’s ways over any other. The Kingdom of Heaven is taken by force (Mat 11.12). It is through battles that our Godly character is developed and through battles God’s Word, His will and His promises come to pass.

Spiritual Mapping is basically the discipline of looking around us to see what is being manifest in our environment. Being aware of the work of the evil one helps us to pray more effectively, making way for God’s will to be manifest.

• Spiritual Mapping is research to know the battlefield
• Spiritual Mapping is initiated by God in response to a need
• Spiritual Mapping enables us to pray more effectively

Spiritual mapping helps us to get to know the spiritual characteristics of our area. The history and geography of our town influences its development and current characteristics. The people who lived on our land in past eras will have left their physical and spiritual marks. For example, there may be modern sculptures or perhaps tourist attractions commemorating say Celtic gods. Likewise, contemporary people groups will bring a spiritual climate to our towns, which will again be reflected in public buildings. Also humanistic ideas will be marking our communities, perhaps in architecture or graffiti.

• Spiritual Mapping is observing the natural realm to see what is happening in the spiritual realm.
Spiritual Mapping is a discipline within Spiritual Warfare. Before entering in, we must ensure we have a right relationship with God our Father and each other, being in submission to local leadership. These are part of our protection. We must have wisdom in acting on the information we have seen. We must be sure we are in God’s perfect timing in our prayer actions - otherwise we may do more damage than good.

Actually compiling the research data is a spiritual exercise in a serious battle ground. Remember, the personal and corporate protective and offensive weapons of our warfare include:

• Living in the flow of God
• Submission
• Obedience
• Enthusiasm
• Praise & worship
• Effective prayer
• Prophetic action
• Power evangelism
• Strategic warfare

When you do come to pray, bear these truths in mind:
• Man is born with a sinful nature
• Holy Spirit convicts of sin
• Man has free will to choose or reject Jesus Christ
• Man is personally accountable to God
• Bible states that no one comes to Jesus Christ unless the Holy Spirit draws
• The Holy Spirit, not the Church, has this job
• God shows His power when we obediently pray