Friday, 16 December 2011

He Rose Again

Scripture readings Luke 24:1-12 John 20:11-18
Mary Magdalene said “I saw Him He is alive”.
Your spiritual insight like mine says as Mary did “Yes Jesus is alive.”
He had been taken into the tomb His body dead, to come out of the tomb to make His body alive.
Nothing could or can hold Him, past present or future.
Jesus was the same person, yet had a new spiritual and everlasting body.
He had been baptised into a new spiritual life, death could not hold Him
The same goes for us who believe we come out of death into a new and wonderful life.
Spiritually speaking, if we do not die when we are alive, we will die when we die, If
we die to self we shall live Spiritually and Eternally.
We have and are dieing to the old self life daily, to gain the new resurrected life.

The circumstances that surround us today are not to get something into our lives, it is to get something out of us, (that is already in us,) it is to bring out the new Christ-like life.

It is to release the character of Christ now alive in us, the everlasting life, created by the Holy Spirit.
It is to release the fruit of the life in what the Spirit of God has established in us over the time we have known Him.

There is a fresh Authority given us…it is to manifest in the new life, and cannot in the old life.
It is the power of God in us through the character of His Holiness.
The calling of God is to manifest in our lives as His true and faithful disciples.
We do this because we see and understand the prophetic view of who we are in Christ,
as we see what is ahead for us.
My spirit within urges me to enter into more of God.
The old life sometimes trying to resurrect itself wants to look back, but we cannot allow this to happen.
We need to keep focusing forward to more of Him and it will help us not to look back.

Ezek 44 The sons of Zadok the royal priest who stood before the Lord, brought the best to God. To them there was no choice, they had to live the new life.

In Christ means you changed from who you were, and what you were. you are not the same old person going on year in and year out.
You now have a new life, a resurrected life to live.
If Christ Jesus has a new life to live, (HE IS ALIVE) and you a part of Him then you too have a new life to live through Him.
God’s strategy for your life in Christ is CHANGE
He says “I will change you, as I am alive in you.” You then can help others to change.

Your life does not belong to you, you have been bought at a high price.
A perfect man died for you and me, a sinless, loving, caring man, a gentle man, a patient man, a healthy man.
This man had great wisdom, vast understanding, He could do anything in the way of
the miraculous, and still does.
This man was to die and rise again, yet prior to that awful painful death He submitted himself to punishment for our sin and our restoration before His Father.
He did not deserve what He got, so that we do not get what we deserve.
He died that we may live.
We show our love to Him by doing just that, we show our gratitude by submission to
His way of life.
The value of your life to Him… was His own life… He paid for our new way of life.

2 Pet 1:3 …His divine power has been given to us for us to live this life of holiness, if we have chosen to receive the true knowledge He promised we shall be able too.
We should be bold about what we believe, because it is the greatest thing ever.
It is time to speak up for this great God of ours, be bold in declaring who He is.
We shall not be afraid of man, or the rejection of man.

We have the power of God within to live the resurrected life, enjoy the change and
be blessed with the truth that it is God at work in and through you.
As Jesus said, “Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but My Father in heaven”.
Be blessed with this revelation… HE ROSE AGAIN, HE IS ALIVE.

If you know the chorus maybe burst forth in adoration and sing “I am a new creation no more in condemnation...”