Friday, 16 December 2011

Carrying the Promise

As we are God’s people we are carrying a promise
Gen 12:3 through you I shall carry the promise to others.
From generation to generation, the promise of blessing will be taken forward.
From Abraham, Isaac and Jacob came the flow of the promise of life for ever more. “I shall be with you and be your God.”
Exod 20:5 …sins of the fathers will give you problems, but in Him you shall have life, real life.(v6)
Rom 10:8 The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart.
V9 if you confess it you shall be saved.
Rom 12:1 Offer yourself to God – it is your spiritual service.
From Matt 1:1-2 FF to v22-25 the promise flowed through the blood line and came to Jesus, who imparts it to His chosen people.
Part of the promise was fulfilled in Christ Jesus, it was just a start for the gentiles.
We who have received Christ into our hearts, help now to carry the promise.
There is an inheritance in the flow of all family life.
In this we pass on what is in our lives to the following generations.
It is the life that is in the blood that is passed on.
What blood affects you most, His or your own.
What life affects you most…His or your own.
What are we passing onto our children?…the knowledge of the blessing of God,
the Power of God, because they have seen it at work through us?
Will your future family line receive something good or bad from you?
What is your inheritance going to be to them?
Will your future family need to be cut off from your sin or will they receive the promise of the Father?
What is your impartation going to be?
You say just a minute I am not married, or I have no family to pass anything to.
Then where will you leave your inheritance?
In what you are, in your home and in your church, in your community, your nation.
Whatever you have, and whoever you are will carry something of the promise.
God will be in whom you touch in life, He will impart His blessing.
Is the promise alive in you? Is it carrying something?
Yes / No, then ponder on what worth you put on your inheritance.
Is this great promise of God to bless your descendants being strengthened by your life lived, or is it being weakened?
Will it carry blessing or not?
Is the promise of blessing just a passing word or is it a declaration of His life.
How much shall you impart of God to the next generation.
Is the promise saying something now?
Will it say something to the next generation.
What are we storing up for them?
We trust that it is LIFE FOR EVER MORE.
The life we now live we live by the power of God, to build something of a legacy for the days to come.
We live to serve each other now and prepare for what is happening tomorrow.
Rom 8:12-18 His glory is to be seen now and in what we pass on in the future to
Rewards for obedience…also being passed on.
Pray for a living of the promise of God in our lives.
Pray that it will be strengthened by us.
There is need of something special for the next generation, that will carry the power of God to them. God wants to bless and to build up people…not condemn them, so help to impart the blessing of God in you onto others while you can.