Friday, 16 December 2011

The Biblical View of Israel

Notes from teaching by David Noakes

These notes are taken from the 3 audio tapes given by David Noakes at the Know the Truth Conference. His video has the same teaching.
To understand the state of a nation, we need to understand the spiritual history of it. For the first century and a half the Church was essentially a Jewish sect, and as the Bible was written during this time, it should not surprise us that there is a continuity between the Old and New Testaments, with themes running from Genesis to Revelation. Jeremish 31.37 tells us that Israel is the greatest of the nations. However, she is also a ‘suffering servant’ nation.
In scripture we read of 4 unconditional covenants with Israel (‘covenant’ means ‘to fetter together’) :
Abrahamic Covenant. Genesis 12.
Israel will be a great nation and a blessing to many.
Palestinian Covenant. Deut. 30 1-10
To bring the Jews back into the land.
Davidic Covenant. 2 Samual 7.11
David’s throne will stand forever.
New Covenant Jeremiah 31.31
Amos 9.11 talks of the restoration of David’s kingdom, and Ezekiel 36 of the restoration of the Jews to this land. Through this we see that the restoration of Israel is underway. Ezekiel also speaks of the re-building of the temple, which is yet to come. This will be the Millennium Temple for the Levitical priesthood. Worship will be their principle focus.
However, Satan wishes to place himself in the place of God and there will be both a battle for worship at this temple, and a battle for Jerusalem. As we pray for protection for Jerusalem from the worst of the atrocities ( Psalm 122), we are also praying for the return of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ.
Taking unfulfilled prophetic scriptures, David traces forthcoming events concerning Israel eg :
Daniel 9.26 a battle for Jerusalem
Zechariah 14 Jerusalem falls
Jeremiah 50, 51 Babylon is destroyed
Luke 21.24 the last gentile ruler is Antichrist
David encourages us with prayer pointers for Israel :
For the Messianic communities, especially those in the land. They need spiritual teachers and finances.
For God to limit the acts of terrorism
For the governments of USA, UK and Israel
For Israelites to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
For Allyah to increase.