Saturday, 3 December 2011

What a joy to know Him and all that He stands for…

Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings to you in Jesus precious name.

What a joy to know Him and all that He stands for…isn’t He great, mighty and powerful!!
What a great time to be in the Lord and to see the unfolding work of prophecies being fulfilled before our very eyes. Isaiah 19 speaks clearly of the shaking going on in Egypt foretold before Jesus came to fulfil His ministry through the cross. We certainly are living in the last days. Even the earth itself is being shaken. So many earthquakes and nature is having convulsions, winds, storms, fires are hitting at parts of the world that do not normally have such devastation. Creation is crying out to see the manifestations of the sons of God. We can be thankful to the Lord that He has given us a Kingdom within us that cannot be shaken. We stand firm in all that He is within us and we shall win through these last days with His strength and support. We shall see victories and do great exploits because of His Kingdom active from within as we submit ourselves to His leading and guidance.

When the chaos began to happen in Egypt I sought the Lord of how to pray and He reassured me that the battle was His and to leave Egypt to Him to fulfill His desire for that land. “You” He said “are to pray for My people”…to me that was His chosen people the Jews and His born again church.
He then brought back to remembrance a huge Cobra that I had seen on a nature programme of India. This huge cobra was five to six metres long and fed on smaller snakes, often waiting until the smaller snakes were fattened before devouring them.

He then showed me that the great serpent of old has risen up with vengeance against the nations because they have not submitted fully to his character and created the total destruction and terrorism that he had desired to open the door to bring in his anti-Christ.

I have known for many years that the Freemasonry order has had its leaders in the middle east. Marburak was a top FM and so are many of the Saudi leaders, as well as the King of Jordan, Assad of Syria. Bahrain and Yemen’s leaders are also caught in its web. The FM motto has always been “Order out of Chaos”. The leaders of these nations have not accomplished their calling for the old serpent by the destruction of Israel, and not created the full chaos within the Middle East.

The understanding the Lord gave was that the Serpent of old has risen up to gobble up these smaller snakes that he has used in his strategy to oppress and control the land of Israel, (God’s chosen land for His people.) The other nations are as nothing to Me says the Lord compared to my chosen land and people.

There is a time ahead of even greater chaos as the Muslim world seeks for its 12th Imam to return to be their saviour, who has to come in a time of great terror and chaos. One of the men he is using at this time is Abadinajad of Iran who is intent on the destruction of Israel. Abadinajad is seeking to bring as much terror, as El Qaeda and the fundamentalist clerics of Islam, to create the devastating conditions for the return of their “saviour” who I believe will be the anti-Christ.

This is the counterfeit of the Lord Jesus returning in a time of gross darkness with lawlessness getting stronger nearer the time of His return.

Please make a note of this:-
Jesus is already here in His people by the power of His Holy Spirit, yet He is coming again soon in person and every eye will see Him through the omnipresence of the Holy Spirit. The Kingdom of God is here in God’s people yet Jesus will come and make it complete.
The anti-Christ is also here in his people, given power that he has invested through evil spirits, principalities and powers, yet he will come and manifest in person.

The false prophet is also here in his people yet will come and manifest himself as a real person.
We can also see that the serpent of old is using his people through evil spirits to hinder the growth, purity and Holiness of the church. He is attempting to wrap himself around the church to restrict it from being what the Lord would have it be. This is the same strategy that he has for the Middle East to use the nations around Israel to restrict or even constrict it from being what God would have it be. The “King Cobra” is using the Middle East nations to coil around Israel ready to destroy it.
Many brothers and sisters in the Lord are saying that they feel an added spiritual pressure upon them at this time. God allows a certain amount of pressure from the world the flesh and the devil to cause us to turn to Jesus for our help and assurance.

With all of the spiritual pressure being asserted in the Middle East one can sense a boiling pot ready to explode. It is here that we see Psalm 83 may come into the arena, where the psalmist implores the Lord to confound His enemies. Some of us sense an immanent localised war contained within the Middle East, of which Israel will win causing many Muslims to back off the idea that the land belongs to them. God showing that it was His supernatural power that won Israel its battle. Many Jews and Muslims will be saved through this. There will be a time of peace before the end time scenario explodes from an international battle over Jerusalem.

The persecuted church of the southern hemisphere is seeing unprecedented growth and many new churches are being added daily yet the church in the West is under a cloud of unbelief with little happening in the way of spiritual growth. Maybe just maybe we have had so many opportunities to share the good news and have not lived what God has already given to us, so He has gone to others to see if they will respond to His Spirit. In one way we still sense the hand of the Lord has been lifted over the church in Europe and the Lord is allowing us to see that we are not as we should be.
In my travels I meet with many different leaders, some are open to the things of the spirit, yet many are being bound by the religious spirits of today. Some are more into the business of running a “church company” revolving around money rather than seeing that the people are being build up by the power of the Word and the Spirit.

With the financial crash upon us and more yet to come we have need to focus on the leading of the Holy Spirit regarding money. The Lord asks us to have concern and love for people and not money, any business in the Lord should be focused on their people and not the making of money. As we look to build up the people and see the Kingdom of God manifest in the workers the Lord will supply all that is required to fulfill His part of His business. The business has to be a Kingdom business today or it will not win through the global collapse of the world’s system.

Already plans under the New World Order using the Bank of International Settlement, the International Monetary Fund and others are seeking to remove the USA dollar and the European Euro to bring in a new world wide currency…of which will bring in the mark of the beast, as prophesied in Revelation…… The King Cobra is gobbling up the failed banking systems of this his world and is seeking to control the people of the world through their finances. It is clearly the time to get out of debt and to put our trust in the living Lord who will supply all that we need in His way and perfect timing. It is not time to hoard up wealth as it will be devalued so much, get the full value you can by putting it into the hands of the Lord, let it help build up the body of Christ, invest in His leading and guidance and ensure that it is not helping to build up any other kingdom but His. In this way your money will not devalue being in His hands.

Do take a look at the PWI website now and again and view the article on Fresh Bread, this will keep you in tune with what we feel the Lord is saying.
I am also involved with the Christian Middle East Watch, take a look at the website and let me know what you feel about it.

We as PWI are involved with many other organisations and keep up with the flow of what the Lord is doing in the world. We receive regular email letters from people all over the world seeking help and advice regarding prayer for their families the towns and nations. We speak regularly into churches and conference and are often involved in prayer action around the country…so your support is essential to us. Let us know what you see and help us to help others.

Many blessings and may you find much favour in the Lord.