Friday, 16 December 2011

The Anointing of the Spirit

Do not let the past rob you of the rule in life for the future.
Anointing is the “plus” that God alone can give.
Vision is merely hope with a blueprint, a strategy for baring fruitfulness.
We can better our future by confronting the past.

The Definition of Anointing:
To smear, anoint, spread a liquid, properly to stroke, to draw the hand over, to paint
a) (Qal) 1) to smear 2) to anoint (as consecration) 3) to anoint, consecrate
b) (Niphal) to be anointed. To consecrate (set apart, make holy), to sanctify them to minister as the Lord’s priests. To spread over with anything especially to lay colours on anything, especially to anoint with oil, a shield (by doing so the leather becomes more tenacious and less pervious to weapons.

Ezek 44:15-17  sons of Levites and the sons of Zadok + v23
We can only serve people fully after we have devoted ourselves to God…He and His divine principles have to be the priority in life.
Without this in life’s understanding we will never know what the anointing of the Spirit is.
The anointing is released from within by the power and personality of the Holy Spirit.
With the knowledge of the inner power of the Holy Spirit one can then be in-tune with this part of God’s character and power.
Anointing is owned and released to the degree that it corresponds with God’s divine sense of purpose for us.

Psalm 45:3-7   Oil of gladness above thy fellows
It was the alive/olive oil that blended all the ingredients together to make the
anointing oil complete.  Herbs blended. Sweet and bitter together.
Anointing increases in the olive press, where our flesh is dealt with.
We do not find this comfortable but we have to allow God to deal with our flesh so that the anointing can flow more freely.

Anointing oil was first used to protect against sunburn.  Any manifestation of God’s anointing will therefore bring healing, comfort and protection.
We must be aware who’s anointing we are working in – are we promoting genuine Godly intimacy with peace, comfort and healing, or seductions of intellectual philosophies (Babylon) which is a watered-down version of God’s word… Satan will often counterfeit what God does.

Gethsemane means wine-press which was costly to Jesus.
There is a cost (commitment to pray) to bring the release for many.

A willing submission to the character of the Holy Spirit will bring a sweetness of God, the love of God, and the peace of God flowing through your soul out to others.
It is only the grace of God that can produce this anointing, and that is to be released through the inner dwelling of His Spirit.
There is a grace anointing for difficult times (2 Corin 12:7-10)
2 Cor 12:1-9 Paul requested of the Lord for a release from difficult circumstances beyond his control. The Lord’s response was “My grace is sufficient for you”…in other words The inner dwelling presence and power of God is enough to see you through this.
The grace anointing is sufficient for all of us to come through no matter what is thrown at us.
Jesus could do nothing spiritually without the Father’s wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit (John 5:19)

Acts 1:8 you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.
1 Cor 12:4-6  Explains to us the Holy trinity at work. The Spirit gives out His spiritual gifts, and the Lord gives forth the different kinds of ministries, the Father then creates the affects to be seen in the natural world.
He tells us to covet these kind of gifts and anointing (1 Cor 12:31 + 1 Cor 14:39)
This is not a negative type of coveting but a pure heart desire for good.
This is co-working with the full character of God and brings forth fruitfulness.

Psalm 2:2-12
Your anointing to serve Him will be greater blessed by allowing that anointing to flow from the head over the body onto your own vision for your spiritual life.
We cannot say that we can do without the body of Christ or God's anointing.
Because there is a battle against the anointed ones of God, and standing together is essential to see success in ones life.

King David had three types of anointing from the Lord.
1st   was before his brothers  1 Sam 16:1 + 12-13  
2nd  was before the tribe/house of Judah  2 Sam 2:4 + 7 +11
3rd  was before all of Israel  2 Sam 5: 1-5 he was made king and anointed for the purpose.     Trusting in His faithfulness for the fruit of the life lived to follow.

In summary
Knowing the anointing myself I can only encourage you to look to the Lord for the added life under the anointing, for within it there is a deeper wisdom and discernment needed for and in these end times.
Once received and experienced as part of  you,  your life will be the fuller for it and you will give more glory to the Lord for what He has given you. The fruit from it will be a blessing to you, your family and your church.